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Expert CV John Nelson Daniel Wurpel (condensed)

B.S. Biology - Belmont Abbey College, Belmont, NC 1974
M.S. Physiology - Fairleigh-Dickinson Univ.., Teaneck, NJ 1981
Ph. D. Pharmacology - Pennsylvania State Univ., Hershey, PA 1985
Postdoctoral fellowship - Neurology & Neuroscience - Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY 1988

- Seizure Susceptibility of lmmature Animals
- Epilepsy & Mechanisms of Epileptogenesis
- Pharmacological Evaluation of Developmental Compounds for Putative Antiepileptic Activity
- Age-related Differences in Anticonvulsant Actions of Neurotransmitter Agonists/antagonists as a Function of Discrete Brain Areas.
- Neuropeptide-induced Motor Disturbances Organized in the CNS
- Neuropeptide Regulation of Cerebrospinal Fluid Synthesis & Outflow
- Neurotoxicityof Organophosphate lnsecticides
- Neurotoxicity of Ephedrine and Ephedra-containing products
- Toxicokinetics and Neurotoxicity of Ethanol Metabolites
- Neuropharmacology & Neurotoxicology

1994-present - St. John's University Associate Professor; College of Pharnnacy and Allied Health Professions
2000 - present -Pharmacology/Toxicology lnforrnation Services - Medical/legal consultant Evaluation of medical application(s) - Parmacology/Toxicology
2008 - present - Concordia College Visiting Professor - Nursing
1997 - 2008 - SUNY - Downstate; College of Health Related Professions - Visiting Professor (B.S. - Physician Assisiant Program; M.S. - Nurse Midwifery Program)
1999 - 2006 - College of Mount St. Vincent; Division of Graduate Nursing - Adjunct Associate Professor (M.S. - Nurse Practitioner Pgm)
1994 - 2000 - Bidanset & Wurpel - Toxicology/Pharmacoloy/Information Services - Medical/legal consultant Pharmacology/toxicology
1988 - 1994 - St. John's Univesity - Assistant Professor
1985 - 1988 - Albert Einstein Coll - Medicine Postdoctoral Fellow
1981 - 1985 - Pennsvivania State Universitv - Graduate Student
1975 - 1981 - Wallace Laboratories - Assoc. Pharmacologist
1974 - 1975 - Affiliated Medical Research - Junior Toxicologist

Society for Neuroscience
Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine
NewYork Academy of Science
Pharmaceutical Society of the State of New York
American Academy of Clinical Toxicology
American Chemical Society

Anatomy/Physiology | & ll
Pharmacology l & ll
Drugs and Kidney Disease & Electrolyte lmbalances (PHR 4106)
Drugs and Disease - Endocrine and Reproductive (PHR 4102)
Drugs and Disease - Neoplastic and Associated Diseases (PHR 5108)
Toxicology/Drug Abuse PHS 5301
lntroduction to Infectious Diseases
Pharmacotherapy (PHAS 3310; Health Science Center-Brooklyn, SUNY - PA Program)
Functional Neuroanatomy (PHAS3110, Health Sclence Center-Brooklyn, SUNY - PA Prog)

Pharmacology of the Autonomic Nervous System (PHS 201)* *
Pharmacology of Drug Abuse (PHS 246)
Neurotoxicology (TOX 205) [team-taught]
Principles of Pharmacology (FHS 1A2,103) [team-taught]
Advanced Pharmacology (PHS 202)
Pharmacological Aspects of Respiratory Disease (PHS 209)
Clinical Pharmacology (PHS 221)
Pharmacological Interventions in Human Biology (BlO 640; Pace University - Liscensed Nurse Practitioner Program)
Pharmacotherapeutics - Graduate Midwifery Program SUNY-Brooklyn
Pharmacotogy (NURS 539; Mercy College - Liscensed Nurse Practitioner Program)
Advanced Pharmacophysiology (NURS 532; College of Mount St. Vicent - Liscensed Nurse Practitioner Program)

Nominated "Teacher of the Year'-College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions 1992, 1993, 1994
Elected "Teacher of the Year'- College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions 1995

Committee Service:
Committee on Academic Standing in - (a) Pharmacy, (b) Allied Health Professions
Chairman - Physician Assistant Committee
Search Committee - replacement Dean of Metropolitan College (SJU)
Retention Committee
Awards Committee
lnstitutional Animal Care and Use Committee
University Personnel Committee [evaluate and confer decisions regarding - faculty reappointment, promotion & tenure)
Add hoc Curriculum Committee

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