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Expert CV Charles D. Alston (condensed)

His experience as an administrator and educator skilled in aquatic facility budget planning and reporting; supervision of aquatic staff and faculty; program assessment and development; marketing strategies (to include newsletters and brochure); conduct in-service training; recruitment of staff and students; development of workshops and seminars; staff performance evaluation and goal planning. His background includes experience in academic, social services, recreation and corporate settings.

He has over ten years experience as an adjunct in Higher Education, with an emphasis on aquatics at: Bronx Community College; Manhattan Community College; Brooklyn College; Fordham University; Kingsborough Community College; and New York University

He holds Licenses/Certifications/and Honors from:

NYC Board of Education--High School Teacher: Common Branches, Health, Physical Education and Swimming
American National Red Cross--Earned Accreditation, Trainer Educator
American Red Cross Health & Safety Education Instructor/Trainer (all levels)
Shelter Management, Stress Awareness, Time Management, Workshop Presentations
National Pool & Water Park Instructor / Field Auditor
New York State Certified Leisure Professional (pending confirmation)
YMCA Certified Director
Outstanding Young Men Award
Qualified Expert Witness - Testified in New York, New Hampshire,Connecticut

He has made Academic Contributions to publications in such topics as:
Problems with commonly used swimming curriculum and resistance to change in the educational environment. Inquire: A Teaching Journal. BMCC Office of Academic Affairs Publication, City University of New York.
Multicultural Issues in Lifeguard: People Management. National Pool and Water Park Lifeguard Training. National Recreation & Parks, ILL.
Water Safety: Experts Can Make A Difference. Recreation Leisure Litigation (2)6. Garden City, NY

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