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Expert CV Lawrence K. Schneider, P.E. (condensed)

Computerized Accident Reconstruction, Simulation & Animation, Safety Engineering, Failure Analysis, Traffic Accident Avoidance Analysis, Night Time Visibility, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Fires, Electrocution/Electrical Shocks, Protective Headgear Testing.

Licensed & Registered Professional Engineer in the State of New York
Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstruction Specialist (ACTAR)

1992 The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art & Science
Graduate Studies in Electrical Engineering.
Research Topics – Artificial Life, Neural Networks

1988 The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art & Science
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. Senior Project – Designed and constructed a microprocessor based control system to regulate the pressure in a natural gas distribution network. Developed an intrinsically safe fiber optic pressure sensor.

1995 – Present InterCity Testing & Consulting Corporation -
Accident Reconstruction & Safety Engineering
In his capacity as a Consulting Engineer at ITC, he has provided expert consultation in the following areas: Testing of safety helmets & face shields; Evaluation and critique of safety guards on industrial and portable machines & equipment; Development & management of instrumentation for automotive impact crash tests; Stability of golf carts & automotive vehicles; Failure analysis & testing of spot welds in connection with automotive vehicle crashworthiness assessments; Evaluation of possible failure modes for ABS braking systems; Investigation of automotive seatback failures; Design of field instrumentation & testing of train locomotive coupling shocks under various conditions; Testing & assessment of driver’s response to unintended automobile accelerations; Evaluation of the design, reliability & failure modes of automotive cruise-control systems.

1988 – 1991 AT&T Bell Laboratories – Member of Technical Staff
Planned and performed hardware compliance testing on telephone systems and adjuncts; including transmission, protocol, load acoustic and performance testing. Performed JATE testing for Japanese type approval. Established, maintained and evaluated customer Beta trial sites. Led a review board which assessed all product design modification requests.

Summer 1987 Hospital for Joint Diseases – Research Fellowship
Developed numerical programs to analyze research data collected on body movements and muscle strength. Provided technical support to medical researchers.

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