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Expert CV Thomas A. Kubic (condensed)

Retired from a major municipal crime laboratory after twenty-three (23) years of service. During that time he held the position of Detective - Criminalist with the specialty of trace (Microscopical) evidence analyst.

This specialty dealt with the collection, examination, analysis, and interpretation of data obtained from macro and micro evidence. Part of this interpretation involved the reconstruction of events at crime scenes and included the determination of actions at these scenes and their temporal relationships.

Some of these analyses have included, at times, the reconstruction of projectile flight paths (ballistics) and muzzle to target distance estimate determinations. These later analyses have been performed primarily by chemical tests for the presence, quantity and pattern of firearms residues by the transfer process. On occasion reconstruction of firearm discharge events has been performed by much more sophisticated techniques such as Scanning Electron Microscopy.

He is a Fellow of the American Board of Criminalistics the national certification board for criminalists. Part of the general knowledge exam, which must be passed on route to certification deals with firearm issues and crime scene reconstruction.

Adjunct Associate Professor, Chemistry Dept. C.W. Post College (responsible for supervision of students during conduct of senior research projects).

J.D., Law - St. John's University School of Law, Jamaica, NY- 6-1979.
M.S. (Chemistry) - C.W. Post - 30 credits, Advanced Chemistry
Thesis: "The Electro-chemical Oxidation of 2-1-3- Benzoselenadiazole and its Homologues"
Accepted for credit by Faculty of C.W. Post Chemistry Dept.
B.A. (Chemistry) 1967 - 63 credits in Chemistry; Physics; Mathematics (40 credits in Chemistry).
Completed courses in Administration, Statistics, and Computer Technology at St. John's University.
Two(2) courses in Forensic Toxicology: St. John's Graduate School of Pharmacy - Dr. J. Bidanset, Chief Toxicologist, Medical Examiner's Office of Nassau County.

Past President - Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists (NEAFS)
Fellow of American Academy of Forensic Science,
Member: American Chemical Society
Association of Official Analytical Chemists
New York Microscopical Society
Society of Forensic Toxicologists
Materials Research Society

Certified by New York State Department of Health to perform Alcohol in Blood Determinations under the VTL

Previous Experience
Seven(7) years as Analytical Chemist or Technician; Leesona Moos Laboratories, Photo Circuits, Quantachrome, Germaine Monteil

Developed curriculum for a semester course, "Introduction to Forensic Science for Criminal Justice Students" taught at C.W. Post College, Greenvale, NY

Guest lecturer to Forensic Science and Criminal Justice Classes at C.W. Post College, Nassau Community College, and Dutchess County Community College

Guest reviewer of grant proposals for the National Sciences Foundation.

Committee member of "Criminalistics Certification Study Committee" This is a LEAA-funded national committee studying the possibility of certification of crime laboratory personnel.

Have been responsible for supervision of more than ten (10) student interns from John Jay College during the summer forensic science internships at Nassau County Police Department.

Committee member of "Methods Advisory Committee" a Forensic Sciences Foundation sponsored national committee to study the establishment of standard methods of analysis for crime laboratories.

Staff member at four-day intensive short course in Forensic Infrared, taught by NEAFS in conjunction with the Chemistry Faculty, C.W. Post College.

Numerous Publications & Presentations

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